Timberline Academy is the group exercise membership that allows you to participate in several different boot camps and classes as many times as you want each month at both of our Timberline Fitness facilities. Every Timberline Academy class is led by a Timberline Certified Personal Trainer whose number one goal is to ensure that you receive a safe and rewarding workout every time you step through the doors. Earn points every time you attend class to go towards T-shirts, personal training, fitness accessories, and 1 month of classes!

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Zone Schedule

Located inside The Zone Sportsplex
10371 Stella Link Road
Houston, TX 77025

Montrose Schedule

3939 Montrose Blvd. Suite K
Houston, TX 77006

ZoneAcademy Schedule
Montrose Academy Schedule

Your Trainers 

Mace (2)
Taylor (2)

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